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About Us

Goang Wei Shiang Development Co., Ltd. or Globally Wonderful Seasonings was established in 2004, operating mainly in the spice and seasoning industry. The company has accumulated more than ten years of expertise in this industry. Our strong research and development team has been a leader in Taiwanese flavors. We follow ISO 22000 and HACCP food safety management system guidelines for the production of our products. We provide customers high quality assurance for all of our products, and constantly develop new products to meet new market and customer demands.

Globally Wonderful Seasoning’s long-term accumulation of professional knowledge of the upstream and downstream foodservice supply chain allows us to give expert consulting in new product development and market testing. In cooperation with foodservice providers we are able to assist in the establishment of a well-planned marketing strategy for new products.  We are able to provide professional information on spices, seasonings, and marinades to help you establish your own unique taste. We are constantly researching great tasting spices and seasoning recipes. We provide the highest quality customer assistance to lay a solid foundation for new and old businesses. We believe strongly in customer satisfaction and strive for loyal customers.

Globally Wonderful Seasonings currently provides start up services, franchise standard operational procedure consulting, and other business consulting. We also provide taste testing for new products; customized products and services, traditional Taiwanese snack research, the creation of new brands, equipment integration, and expansion strategies and planning.Taiwanese food is gaining world recognition, let us help you guide your way to becoming an international brand.



Always helping our customers reach their goals.

Forever work hand in hand with our partners to solve problems.

Tackle all challenges, while aiming for perfection with every product.

Strive to develop the most innovative products and services.

Follow ISO 22000 and HACCP guidelines to produce safe high quality products.



To bring the most innovative flavors and food products to businesses while helping them accomplish their dreams.


Company Philosophy

1. Help Clients reach their goals.

2. Develop new innovative products.

3. Help Clients come up with solutions to any problems.

4. Every challenge is an opportunity to learn.

5. Maintain the highest standard of food safety.

6. Bring Taiwanese foods to the rest of the world.


History of Evolution

2004    Goang Wey Shiang was founded. 
2008   Began exporting abroad to the UK, Australia, Malaysia, China, etc.
2008   Cooperated with “Smile Lemon” a vendor of fried chicken breasts to innovate a new flavor.
2008   Industry Academia Collaboration with K.U.A.S. for research on a seasoning innovation database and automated manufacturing.
2009   Established the brand “ Herb Cookroom.”
2009   Industry Academia Collaboration with K.U.A.S for “Industry spices research and market management feedback plan.”
2009   SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) with Kaohsiung City Government for the plan “ Decoding Taiwanese taste – A digital platform for Spices DNA R&D. “
2011   Cooperated with “ Chi Shao Grilled Food” for a new flavor product.
2013   Obtained food safety management certifications ISO 22000 and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).
2015   Established Globally Wonderful Seasonings and received HALAL certification for 18 products.




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